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  • The Importance of Communicating with Your Child
    The Importance of Communicating with Your Child As parents, it can sometimes be an uphill battle trying to communicate with your child. However, the communication you have with them can actually have a considerable effect on their life. Whenever you do or say anything to them, they will process that information and it will be […]
  • Educational Games and Your Child
    Benefits of Educational Games and Your Child There are some people who believe there are no educational games to be found. This despite games like Monopoly helping children learn basic math skills and Clue helping them to use critical thinking skills to come up with a solution. While reading books and playing outside are very […]
  • Reading is Important
    Why Reading is Important Bookworms will tell you there is no greater joy in the world than the ability to sit down and digest a great novel. Reading takes you to new worlds and offers an escape into imagination that has no parallel. Of course, those who do not read as much may have a […]
  • Homeschool Is Becoming More Popular
    Homeschool Is Becoming More Popular There are varieties of reasons people are choosing to homeschool their children and they range from religious beliefs to simple scheduling conflicts. Are you considering the homeschool option? If you want the freedom to guide your child’s academic progress there are a few things you should know about homeschooling. Location […]

Figurative Language Worksheets

Figurative Language Worksheets

Free Worksheets Free Registaration

Our goal is to provide students, parents and educators with resources to enhance the learning environment. In addition, ASL Fingerspelling Practice aims to encourage creative learning that meets the student’s learning style. Working collaborative to meet the needs of the students, parents and educators is what will create an exceptional contribution to our current educational system.

Our focus is on education. Enjoy a variety of educational games that can be used in the classroom to help students practice vocabulary terms and to interact with their classmates.

The worksheets can be used as supplements to help the students expand their vocabulary. In addition, we offer vocabulary practice worksheets related specifically to book content.

Members have access to worksheets with answer keys, book related content worksheets and may request worksheets created for a book of their choosing.

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